Bio Oxidation Tray Making Instructions and Usage

Tray Fabrication

  • Use .080 EVA or thicker/stiffer tray material
  • On model draw a line about 2 mm from the gingival margins.
  • Use a #1 burr to create a shallow trench on the model.
  • When vacuformed this creates a seal/dam on the tray. This promotes
  • subgingival hydraulic pressure with the gel.
  • Trim trays 4-5 mm beyond the gingival margin, onto the soft tisue.
  • When the patient places PerioRenew™ gel in their personal
    oxidation tray, then pushes the tray into place over the teeth, they
    are creating hydraulic pressure that forces the gel under the gum
    line where tooth brushes and mouth wash do not reach.
    Biofilm bacterial activity is then interrupted.


12 weeks; recall in three weeks.


Squeeze a thin line of PerioRenew™ (2% hydrogen peroxide) into the tray.

Treatment Time

Apply for 5 to 15 minutes per application, daily (as your doctor recommends).


Useful Information

  • This will help people with dexterity problems who have a hard time brushing and flossing hard to reach places.
  • An effective cleaning therapy before and after dental procedures.

Download Perio Renew Instructions PDF

My dentist recommended that I use periorenew because I was starting to get deep pockets and not only has it stopped but it’s actually reversed. My 3s or 2s now. Thanks to periorenew.
Jessie Taylor